CH. Raklyns Celebration, DOM, LOM

Ch. Kreyon's Easy Money, SOM x Raklyns Centerfold

Breeders/Owners - Debbie Struff & Erin Sposito

Whelped September 4, 1996
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2003 Dam of the Year
Winner of 2003 American Boxer Club National Brood Bitch Class
The Johnny and Desiree Litter
Sailor, Norma Jean, Rolex, and Stealer
Desiree's Pedigree
Producer of 6 Champions & 4 Producers
Am/Mex Ch. Raklyns High Stakes at Ivylane, SOM, TT "Gambler"
Champions Produced by Gambler:
Am/Mex Ch. Garnsey's Beachcomber
Ch. Ivylane's Late Arrival
Ch. Ivylane's Wave On Wave
Ch. Garnsey's High Tide
Ch. Shilo's Tequila Sunrise At JJN's, DOM
Ch. Standing-O Back To The Future At Raklyn
Ch. Raklyns Monte Carlo
Ch. High Ridge's Bring N Sexy Back
  Ch. Davidsons River Boat Queen
Ch. Raklyns High Roller "Vegas"
Ch. Raklyns Stealing The Show, SOM, LOM "Stealer"
Champions Produced by Stealer:
Ch. Halcyon Q Cedar Chip
Ch. Triple Crown's War Admiral
Ch. Halcyon Checkpoint V Davidson
Ch. Raypat's Steel Curtain, DOM
Am/Can Ch. Bravo N Sunset Stealing Time, SOM
Ch. Triple Crown's Prince Of Thieves, SOM
Ch. Raypat's First and Ten
Ch. Shilo's Longfellow Serenade
Ch. Shilo's Diamonds in the Rough at JJ
Ch. Katandy's Fast Forward, SOM
Ch. Davidsons Stealer of Dreams
Ch. Shilo's Casanova at JJN's
Ch. Katandy's Cascade
Ch. Summit Ash On Detention At Shiralda
Ch. Summit Ash Off Probation
Ch. Summit Ash Looking For Trouble
Ch. Sharledar's Stealin' Away
Ch. Katandy's Just Jackson
Ch. Raklyns Showboat, SOM "Sailor" (ABC Top 20 Contender)
Champions Produced by Sailor:
Ch. Nantess Struts Yourself
Ch. Halcyon Presumably So
Ch. Nantess EZ Does It
Ch. Halcyon Presumed Innocent
Ch. Brush Hill's Bring' Em On
Ch. Nantess Show Stopper
Ch. Schoental's Fraulein Eleanor
Ch. Raklyns Showtime "Rolex"
  Champions Produced by Rolex:
Ch. Dogwood It's About Time
Norma Jean
Ch. Raklyns Showin' Off, DOM "Norma Jean"
Champions Produced by Norma Jean:
Ch. Raklyns Renegade
GCh. Raklyns the Bronx MVP at Third, SOM
Am/Can Ch. Raklyns the Bronx Shortstopper
Ch. Raklyns Monte Carlo


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